Tuesday 25 November 2014

Event Report : The Grand Opening of KAY COLLECTION at Grand Indonesia Jakarta

Pada hari Sabtu tanggal 22 November 2014 pukul 16.00, 
aku menghadiri grand opening Kay Collection di Mal Grand Indonesia Jakarta, 
tepatnya di East Mall LG #16 (menelusuri Ranch Market terlebih dulu).

Aku mengetahui acara ini saat sedang iseng melihat-lihat foto di Instagram.
Lalu saat mengetahui ada acara grand opening Kay Collection
aku langsung menghubungi kak Sophie untuk RSVP.
Setelah sms, aku baru sadar itu sudah H-1 jam 12 malam,
sehingga aku tidak yakin sms ku akan dibalas 
atau mungkin saja kuota untuk blogger sudah penuh.
Namun ternyata kak Sophie membalas sms ku dan mengatakan bahwa aku dapat hadir pada acara esok hari >.<



(Sekilas info mengenai Kay Collection
Established in 1989, Kay Collection has been the leading supplier and distributor of premium beauty care and giftware products in Indonesia. The business can be traced back during the early 90s, when there were hardly any convenient beauty shops, dedicated in providing women with their beauty regimen. Seeing this as an opportunity, Kay Collection is built and experienced organic growth along with their loyal customers. It becomes a short stop for anyone requiring beauty care and giftware products. 
Operated under a private limited company of PT. Koleksi Jaya, the business has grown and resulted into 3 departments– ladies (Kay Collection), men (Kay Style) and home (Kay Bath). With our diverse products, strong market presence and good customer relationships, our customers are satisfied to the convenience Kay Collection offers.
Kay Collection focuses on good service to its loyal customers by ensuring quality in its imported products.  Striving to create a wide coverage of products distribution, Kay Collection can be found in various shopping malls and department stores across Indonesia. 


Demo Eye Make Over oleh MUA ChristiaA

Kak Christia sedang menjelaskan berbagai tips mengenai eye makeup

(karena fotonya banyak, maka aku satukan menjadi gif hehe)





Thank you Kay Collection

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