Thursday 29 November 2012

Speech - My Opinion About Smoking

Good morning everyone. Today I will present my point of view about smoking in public spaces. In Indonesia, a lot of people smoke freely in public areas. They act as smoking is allowed anywhere, anytime.

But, in my opinion, smoking should be absolutely prohibited. Why? First, because smoke produced poisonous gas that extremely dangerous for people, especially people who don’t smoke. People could get serious disease such as lung cancer and heart disease. That gas also dangerous for pregnant woman, because it could kill the embryo. Women who breathe that gas may get damaged at their fertility. They could be sterile if they often breathe that dangerous gas.

Second, smoking is not only consumed by adult, but also teenager. There are many reasons why they are smoking, for example, because of people are eager, or just try, reduce stress, or people want to be accepted in their environment.

Third, smoking can waste our money, because if we consumed it, we can be addicted for consuming it continually. That case can make people do criminalities, if we don’t have money for buy cigarettes, maybe we will do anything to get them.

Fourth, smoking can make us addicted. That can make people feel, that without cigarettes, they can’t survive.

These are the reasons, why I said that smoking should be absolutely prohibited. So, people shouldn’t smoke cigarette in public areas. Because it could harm a lot of people, especially people who don’t smoke.
That’s all, thank you very much for your kind attention.

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